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English Department

The goal of the English department is to implement a standards-based instructional program that will prepare students to be successful and to prepare them academically for post-secondary education. In the ninth and tenth grades, students continue to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the earlier grades but in more refined and sophisticated ways. Emphasis is centered on analyzing literature analyzing career-related and other informational materials completing more complex writing assignments, and giving oral presentations.

In the eleventh and twelfth grades English Language Arts (ELA) standards are sophisticated extensions of the knowledge and skills targeted in the earlier grades. They highlight several interrelationships among the different domains of language arts: reading, writing, written and oral English-language conventions, and speaking and listening. 

English Department Chair


  • AP English Language and Composition/HP
  • AP English Literature and Composition/HP
  • English 1/P
  • English 1 Puente/HP
  • English 1HP
  • English 2/P
  • English 2/HP
  • English 2 Puente/HP
  • English 3/P
  • English 4/ P 
  • ERWC/P
  • Academic Language Development
  • Advance Reading/Writing



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