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Library Policies

Instructional Materials Policy

The instructional materials policy for Pasadena Unified School District is in compliance with California Education Code, section 48904 and with the PUSD Board Policy 6162.2 regarding damaged or lost instructional materials.  It is also in compliance with California Education Code, section 35186 (the California Williams Act).  Pursuant to California Education Code Section 35186 “There should be sufficient textbooks and instructional materials. For there to be sufficient textbooks and instructional materials, each pupil, including English learners, must have a textbook or instructional material, or both, to use in class and to take home to complete required homework assignments.” (Williams Act)

This instructional materials policy applies to textbook, library book, and electronics checkouts.

  • All textbooks are checked out electronically to students, with a valid PHS ID card, and are due at the end of the school year after final exams.

  • Textbooks are checked out through the Textbook Room.

  • Library materials are checked out through the Library.

  • Students are responsible for all books and electronics issued to them during the school year. 

  • The book a student returns at the end of the year must be the exact book that was issued at the beginning of the year.   

  • Students are responsible for the exact copy of each book issued to them.  Each book has a unique barcode.

  • Students should write down the barcode numbers or take a picture of each textbook’s barcode and save the information in a safe place to refer to later, if needed.

  • For easy identification of textbooks, students should write their name once on the nameplate inside the front cover.  

  • Teachers will not be responsible for textbooks left in their classroom.   Even if the teacher allows students to keep their books in the classroom, the student will be held responsible if someone else damages or loses it. Students leave their books in the classroom  AT THEIR OWN RISK! 

  • Sharing lockers or textbooks is not recommended.  Books “stolen” or misplaced while stored in someone else’s locker are still the student’s financial responsibility. 

  • Students should maintain the appearance and cleanliness of their books by covering each of them.   Covering books helps protect them from excessive wear and tear, which may be subject to a fine when returned. 

  • Pre-Existing Damages—The library takes note of damages in the online catalog, but if a student finds any pre-existing damages in a textbook, this must be reported to the library by the end of August to prevent the possibility of being assessed for those damages. Librarian email:

  • Students must maintain the appearance and cleanliness of their assigned textbooks. Examples of damages to be mindful of are: writing, water damage, broken or torn pages and covers, and food or marker stains. Students should not lend assigned textbooks to others, unless they are willing to pay for any damages that may occur through their use.

Unreturned or Damaged Textbook and Library Book Fees

  • EDUCATION CODE SECTION 48904 authorizes the district to secure reimbursement from students or legal guardians for the cost of lost, stolen or damaged instructional materials.

  • Students may make partial payments until the book has been paid for. Payments may be made electronically through the online store or in cash to the librarian.

  • Failure to pay fines may result in the withholding of student records. This can include report cards, transcripts, or diplomas.  

    • This also includes any and all books still checked out from previous years (except consumable workbooks).  All books must be returned to the library where they were issued and payment of any fines made to that school.

Students will be charged a fee for each book not returned or returned damaged, and for workbooks lost and needing to be replaced during the year.

Itemized Book Fees:

  • Missing barcode: $5.00

  • Ripped/torn or written on pages: $2.00 per page

  • Missing book: cost of book or replacement

  • Water/mold/food damage:  cost of book or replacement

  • Cover/spine damage: $20.00 or replacement

  • Books found in locker: $10.00 per book

  • Replacement workbooks: cost of workbook

Itemized Electronic Fees:

  • Lost Chromebook: cost of device

  • Lost charger: $30.00

  • Stolen Chromebook: Must be reported to police and a copy of police report provided to District’s ITS Department

    • It is advised to wait several days before filing a report.  Lost Chromebooks are reported to ITS and deactivated.  They are often returned to the library once they cannot be used.

  • Negligent damage to Chromebook: Cost of replacement

Refund Policy

  • Parents may be eligible for a refund for up to one year from the date of the payment if the lost textbook is found and turned into the textbook room.  

  • Parents should keep a copy of the receipt to verify the date that it was paid. Receipt is needed for refund.

  • The refund will be issued by the librarian.