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In App Academy, you'll learn to code (no prior experience required)! As you learn to code in our program, you'll create your own websites, games, applications, and more. Coding gives you the chance to express yourself and build creative, meaningful projects that are unique to you. The very first thing you'll learn in App Academy is how to design your own website.

Did you know that computing occupations are the #1 source of new wages in the United States? App Academy will help you prepare for a career, whether you want to work in tech or another industry. In our program, you'll:

  • Explore the offices of companies like Google to see software engineers in action
  • Connect with professionals who code through our guest speaker series
  • Gain real-world work experience through a paid internship the summer after your junior year

Computer science is transforming all sorts of industries-- 3D animation, music production, fashion, business, medicine, astronomy, and more! If you pursue coding as a career, you could:

  • Program robots that explore other planets
  • Create stunning visual effects for the next blockbuster film
  • Write software to help doctors diagnose their patients' illnesses
  • Launch a website to market and sell your own original fashion line
  • Design and build awesome virtual-reality video games

App Academy Counselor

App Academy Lead Teacher


  • AP Computer Science Principles/HP
  • Computer Science Principles
  • Web App Development 1/P
  • Web App Development 1/HP
  • Web App Development 2/P
  • Web App Development 2/HP
  • Web App Development 3/HP

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