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Jermaine Reese Memorial Scholarship

Jermaine Reese
Jermaine Reese was a student at Pasadena High School.  He was actively involved in the music program where he played trumpet.  Jermaine hoped to one day become a veterinarian.  On December 18, 2001, Jermaine was fatally injured in a car accident on his way to school and he passed away on December 27, 2001.  His family and many friends have set up this memorial scholarship in his honor.  The scholarship is presented to a graduating senior(s) who exhibited excellence and devotion to the music program and plans to continue studying music.

Year Awarded To
2004 La Fayette Taylor
2006 Jaime Ballesteros
2008 Amanda King
Heather King
2009 Andrew Tam
2010 Kayla Paggett
2011 Dharmawan Saputra
Melia Asucan     
2012 Lesley Galeana
2013 David Miller
2014 Robert Jones
2022 Nalani Viray
2023 Tyler Gjerde