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Course Offering Sheets for the 2023-2024 school year.

9th grade

10th grade

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12th grade

College and Career Academies

The mission of the College and Career Academies is to ensure all students have the skills, attributes and experiences that will prepare them for college, career and life.  The key to our success in these endeavors is student, faculty, business and community involvement in creating a vital and stimulating learning environment.

Each of the academies within PUSD prepares students for college and career, and are aligned with college entrance requirements, industry needs, and career projections.

The College and Career Academies at Pasadena High School include the following:

App Academy

In the App Academy, you'll learn to code (no prior experience required)! As you learn to code in our program, you'll create your own websites, games, applications, and more.  Coding gives you the chance to express yourself and build creative, meaningful projects that are unique to you.

Creative Arts, Media, and Design (CAMAD)

In CAMAD, through a combination of academic courses, visual arts and design projects, students will gain real-world skills and hands-on experience to pursue a career in Art and Design. This four-year program features two specialized disciplines:

  • Visual Arts and Design (VADA)
  • Graphic Communication Arts (GCA)

Law and Public Service

This dynamic Pathway is a four-year college preparatory program specifically designed for students with an interest in legal, government or public service careers.  Shaped with substantial input from secondary and post-secondary educators and professionals in the law, law enforcement and advocacy fields, the curriculum of the Law and Public Service Pathway incorporates college preparatory courses and best practices identified by research.